We Don’t Just Claim That Our Product Is 100% Organic. We Guarantee It!

  • Organic fertilized yard - How Green is Your Lawn?
  • Safe for pets. We guarantee it!
  • Reduce harmful products that are going into our soil and leaching into our water supply.

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  • Are you looking for a true Organic Fertilizer that works?

    If you are, you have come to the right place.  This process is not new; it is what nature has used since the beginning of time.  Science and nature go hand in hand.  The products we use are all natural products.  So natural in fact we keep our fertilizer in a large refrigerator, it is made up of natural microorganisms. A food-grade edible bio-nutritional product that’s safe for people, pets, and our very important water supply.

    Our system helps create healthy lawns and landscapes by harnessing the benefits of naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms found in the “Soil Food Web.” Using no harmful chemicals or man-made ingredients, our products helps re-create a natural ecosystem where plants are much less prone to damage from insects and disease.

    This approach is known as bio-nutrition, a proven form of fertilization that is becoming more widely accepted as an effective alternative/supplement to chemical fertilizers. Scientists studying bio-nutrition cite three major benefits of this approach:

    • Cost-Reduction 

    • Plant Health

    • Environmental Sustainability

    This system is done in the same fashion as traditional fertilizer.  We determine that state of your soil and begin to apply our products to improve your soil.  Strengthen your root system, and improve your turf.

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True Organic Fertilizer

How Green is Your Lawn?

  • Organic Fertilizer

    We Don’t Just Claim That Our Product Is 100% Organic.


  • The products and the ingredients that make up our products are guaranteed 100% natural and organic.

    Our product is a food-grade edible, containing no animal or human by-products. It’s made exclusively of plant-based botanical extracts and products. There are no chemical by-products used in the process of making our product.
  • • According the US Environmental Protection Association, a gas-powered push mower emits as much hourly pollution as 11 cars and a riding mower emits as much as 34 cars (see Small Engine Rule to Bring Big Emissions Cuts).

    • Lawn and garden equipment emits 5% of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the US, which cause health problems and contribute to ozone formation.
  • • Mowers in the US use 580 million gallons of gas per year.

    • 40-60% of nitrogen from fertilizer runs off or leaches away, ending up in ground or surface water, including wells.

    • 60-70 million birds die from pesticide poisoning each year in the US alone.
  • • In the US, 30 percent of water consumed on the East Coast waters lawns, 60 percent on the West Coast.

    • A 2001 Toronto Staff Report (PDF format), reported that using a commercial leaf-blower for one hour generated "498 times as much hydrocarbons, 49 times as much particulate matter and 26 times as much carbon monoxide" as a then newer-model car.
  • • Close to 70 million pounds of pesticides (including herbicides) are applied to US lawns each year. This is approximately ten times the amount applied to American farmland, acre for acre.

    • As of 2004, about 70 million tons of fertilizer were used on US lawns a year.
  • • A Toronto Public Health Report on lawn and garden pesticides (PDF format) claims that between 2004 and 2006, almost half the homeowners in Toronto used pesticides on their lawns.

    • The Virginia Cooperative Extension in its publication "Nutrient Management for Lawn Service Companies," states that some fungicides and pesticides can kill 60 to 90% -- or more -- of the earthworms where they are applied.
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Did you know that

  • A gas mower emits as much hydrocarbons in one hour as a car driven 20 miles.
  • Did you know that a tree is worth $193,250 according to T.M. Das of the University of Calcutta
  • A tree living for 50 years will generate $31,250 worth of oxygen
  • provide $62,000 worth of air pollution control
  • control soil erosion and increase soil fertility to the tune of $31,250,
  • recycle $37,500 worth of water and provide a home for animals worth $31,250.
  • And that's not counting the fruit and lumber.

Go Green

• Cost-Reduction 

• Plant Health

• Environmental Sustainability

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